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Adoptable Animals

The animals below are all available for adoption from the Animal Shelter. Please call the Shelter at 321-6852 to find out if the animal you are interested in has been adopted yet. When you call, please make sure you have the Tag # (or Pet ID #) available for the animal you are inquiring about.

You can make a difference in these wonderful animals' lives by adopting them from the Animal Shelter.

Clear Lost / Found Pet Searches, please go to www.PetHarbor.com

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NameTypeBreed(s)ConditionAgeSizeGenderColorPet IDPhoto
 Item 1 to 10 of 49
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UNKNOWN CAT Domestic Shorthair Normal13 weeksKitten Female Black, A237929 Pet ID: A237929
PRINCESS DOG Pit Bull Terrier Normal1 year 6 monthsMedium Female Tan, White A237966 Pet ID: A237966
UNKNOWN CAT Domestic Shorthair Normal7 monthsSmall Male Gray Tabby, A237979 Pet ID: A237979
MAJOR DOG Pit Bull Terrier Normal3 yearsLarge Male Black Brindle, White A227143 Pet ID: A227143
MIA DOG Pit Bull Terrier Normal1 year 7 monthsMedium Female Black Brindle, White A216893 Pet ID: A216893
CHINA DOG Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull Terrier Normal1 year 10 monthsMedium Female Black, A193646 Pet ID: A193646
PEPPER CAT Domestic Shorthair Normal6 monthsKitten Male (Neutered) Black, A229493 Pet ID: A229493
COCO DOG Plott Hound and Mix Normal1 year 6 monthsLarge Female Brown Brindle, White A237778 Pet ID: A237778
HERSHE DOG Pit Bull Terrier Normal2 yearsMedium Female White, Black A237792 Pet ID: A237792
CALLIE CAT Domestic Mediumhair Normal2 yearsLarge Female (Spayed) Calico, A237373 Pet ID: A237373
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