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Why Adopt a Pet?

72 hours and counting ...

dog available for adoption

cat available for adoption

For animals at the Cumberland County Animal Shelter, responsible pet owners can make a difference by saving those animals that have a lot of life and love left to give.

The Cumberland County Animal Control operates a shelter not a permanent care facility. Our programs are sparsely funded. We rely on the citizens of Cumberland County to adopt as many of these healthy animals as possible.

For more information about animals that are available for adoption, please go to our Adoptable Animals page. Please call 910-321-6852 to confirm whether the animal you are interested in is still available. When calling you will need to provide the Tag #, which can be found on the animal's picture on the Adoptable Animals page.

Before making the decision to adopt an animal, many have asked themselves:

  1. What do I need to know before adopting or buying an animal?
  2. Are there fees involved in adopting an animal from the Animal Shelter?
  3. What are the responsibilities of owning a pet?
  4. In Cumberland County, am I required to get a Pet License? If so, how do I apply?
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