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Elected Officials

The Cumberland County Board of Elections' mission is to carry out all the duties and responsibilities as assigned by the General Statutes of North Carolina in accordance with the laws of the State. This includes the conduction of fair, honest and efficient elections, keeping all registration records up-to-date and accurate such as new registrations, party and address changes, transfers, as well as removing deceased and felons from these records. The Elections Office maintains precinct lines and notifies all voters of correct precincts and districts as well as provides elected officials, candidates and the general public with reliable information as requested, along with administering the Campaign Reporting Act in Cumberland County. In addition, the Elections Office is responsible for maintaining contact with precinct officials at all times concerning elections, new laws and training.

The Board of Elections Office is governed by a three member board appointed by the State Board of Elections. The board members are: Carole Goins, Chairperson and Andy McCall, Member. The republican member's seat is vacant. The position of Board Secretary has not been filled.


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Board of Elections
301 East Russell Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301
(910) 678-7733