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North Carolina's CSE program falls under the Division of Social Services. The program establishes uniform procedures and rules to ensure that both parents are responsible for the support of their children to the best of their ability.

Child support agents evaluate each child support case to determine which services are needed and how to proceed based on the circumstances of each individual case. The basic program services are:

  • Noncustodial Parent Location: identification of residential and business addresses as well as assets of the non custodial parent;
  • Establishment of Paternity: a determination of the legal responsibility of the fatherhood of a child
  • Establishment of a Child Support Obligation: a court order requiring the noncustodial parent to provide support for a child, which may include monetary support and health insurance coverage;
  • Collection of Child Support Payments: receipt accounting and record keeping of court ordered child support payments to North Carolina Child Support Centralized collections; and
  • Enforcement of a Court Ordered Support Obligation: to enforce child support orders through judicial and administrative actions.
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