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Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan

2013-14 Strategic Plan Brochure

Mission Statement

To provide quality services to our citizens while being fiscally responsible.

Vision Statement

To grow as a regional destination for employment, economic development, commerce and cultural pursuits.

Core Values: Serving Cumberland County citizens with PRIDE

  • Professionalism
  • Respect
  • Integrity with accountability
  • Diversity
  • Excellent Customer Service

Recognizing that all people are different, we treat everyone with dignity and serve our diverse population with professionalism, respect, integrity, diversity and excellent customer service (PRIDE).

Goals, Objectives and Action Steps:

GOAL 1: Ensure a safe and healthy community by providing needed services to our citizens in a timely manner.

Objective 1: Provide youth development program opportunities that promote good citizenship.

Action steps:
  • Implement a youth component to the Citizens’ Academy.
  • Coordinate application and administration of grant funding available for youth development initiatives.

Objective 2: Assist with efforts to reduce crime by repeat offenders.

Action steps:
  • Identify viable options for a Crisis Intervention assessment center to reduce jail population and emergency room visits by citizens needing mental health services.
  • Continue Pre-trial Services
  • Complete expansion of the Detention Center
  • Support Drug and Sobriety Courts. Seek grant funding for Veterans and Mental Health Courts.

Objective 3: Improve emergency response services to citizens.

Action steps:
  • Revive the Public Safety Task Force to collaborate on emergency response recommendations
  • Consolidate FireHouse records management system between the county and city fire departments.
  • Consolidate Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) between City and County.
  • Plan for regional back-up 911 Center.
  • Move toward Nextgen 911.
  • Establish a consolidated Public Safety Answering Point between City of Fayetteville and County within the next five years.

Objective 4: Promote a healthy community by providing educational, health and human services programs and resources to citizens.

Action steps:
  • Conduct annual community health needs assessment to identify priority needs.
  • Provide health, child/elder abuse prevention, mental health and nutrition education programs and consumer resources for children, citizens and employees.
  • Create program promoting responsible pet ownership.

GOAL 2: Provide adequate infrastructure consistent with orderly growth of a dynamic county.

Objective 1: Explore strategies to address the County’s need for more office space, and ensure facilities are well-maintained.

Action steps:
  • Inventory and assess all County facilities to determine usage, space availability, and feasibility of retrofit.
  • Assess all County buildings and parking lots for regulatory compliance and condition of infrastructure.
  • Develop a County facilities plan and explore opportunities to share and create needed office space and address any compliance and maintenance issues.
  • Assess directional signage in public buildings and update to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Objective 2: Strengthen the County’s green and energy-efficiency initiatives.

Action steps:
  • Assess County government departmental recycling practices in place
  • Revive the Green Committee to research best practices and develop a feasible and fiscally responsible county government wide three-year action plan with consistent departmental green procedures.

Objective 3: Advance the county’s automation and technology capabilities.

Action steps:
  • Develop a comprehensive countywide technology plan
  • Continue advancing the county’s telecommunications plan

Objective 4: Increase gateway and other beautification efforts to create a more aesthetically appealing community.

Action steps:
  • Continue to enforce existing regulations and introduce new ordinances and codes in order to maintain a visually friendly and safe environment.
  • Promote Master Gardener program and enlist MG volunteers to assist in beautification and green efforts by providing educational opportunities and consultation services.

GOAL 3: Promote economic development by creating and retaining jobs, and providing career opportunities, quality education, cultural and recreational services.

Objective 1: Ensure effective economic development incentives and practices are in place to attract and retain business and industry.

Action steps:
  • Identify expectations for economic development through partnership with the Economic Development Alliance to include existing incentive program and policy, utilization of existing business sites and industrial parks, and job creation.
  • Continue to support economic development and incentive plan for businesses.
  • Continue to promote development that is economically viable through responsible land use planning and zoning.
  • Partner to establish a user-friendly customer referral process to include a web page and workshops to answer frequently asked business-related questions.
  • Continue to provide small business programs, databases, job and career centers, and skills training and increase participation.

Objective 2: Promote economic development through the preservation of natural resources, farmland and the county’s agricultural industry.

Action steps:
  • Continue to utilize the Working Lands Protection Plan as a guide to promote the long-term use of agricultural land.
  • Conduct a feasibility study to identify locations for a farmers’ market in the county.

Objective 3: Provide quality cultural and recreational services.

Action steps:
  • Continue to provide diverse events and programs to entertain, educate and enlighten.

GOAL 4: Educate, inform and engage employees, citizens, elected and appointed officials through effective and efficient communications.

Objective 1: Increase citizen engagement as evidenced by increased applications for county boards and committees and attendance at public forums and meetings.

Action steps:
  • Continue Citizens’ Academy twice a year for adult residents to learn more about their county government. Encourage county employees to participate.
  • Engage and educate citizens through resource guides, information fairs and public forums held at various locations throughout the county.

Objective 2: Enhance communications systems and transparency so citizens can readily access information.

Action steps:
  • Develop additional online services for citizens.
  • Enhance website and ensure information is current.

Objective 3: Improve internal communications.

Action steps:
  • Update and enhance Intranet and ensure all departments have access to site
  • Continue to hold monthly department head meetings to facilitate dissemination of information to employees.
  • Update and revise County personnel ordinance (Chapter 10)
  • Update Human Resources policies by researching existing policies and revising or developing new policies and posting.
  • Continue to utilize performance management evaluation system to enhance effective communications between supervisors and employees.

Objective 4: Enhance collaboration between county government and other boards, committees and commissions.

Action steps:
  • Maintain schedule of joint meetings between Commissioners and various other governing boards.
  • Establish and hold quarterly board member welcome and information sessions for existing and new board members for county’s advisory boards and committees. Provide a general overview of county government during the information session.
  • Ensure each new board member receives a full and complete orientation to the new board.

GOAL 5: Employ motivated, professional and well-trained personnel who offer excellent customer service with PRIDE – Professionalism, Respect, Integrity with accountability, Diversity and Excellent Customer Service.

Objective 1: Optimize service delivery through innovation, automation and technology to enhance current services and create new service opportunities.

Action steps:
  • Seek and implement automated systems that enhance or create new service delivery methods.
  • Implement digitization process to enhance service delivery.
  • Reintroduce and promote the Employee Suggestion Program to motivate employees to develop innovative ideas and suggestions to save the county money or otherwise make service delivery more efficient. Establish a timeline for feedback.

Objective 2: Encourage citizen engagement and provide feedback opportunities through various outlets as it relates to service delivery.

Action steps:
  • Post directories in all departments with name and contact information for director and/or key staff.
  • Develop a feedback system to include standardized comment cards available in departments and an online form.
  • Ensure feedback from cards and electronic forms are reviewed and responded to by appropriate staff member.
  • Respond to complaints from public within 24 hours.

Objective 3: Implement staff development and training programs.

Action steps:
  • Identify training needs and areas of improvement.
  • Develop courses that target supervisors’ and employees’ training needs and promote customer service, teambuilding and leadership.
  • Support department-specific licensure and certification training needs.

Objective 4: Recognize employees for their achievements.

Action steps:
  • Recognize employees at the departmental level.
  • Develop mechanisms to recognize departments and employees countywide for their achievements. Promote the Employee Recognition Program.

Objective 5: Explore competitive pay based on labor market analysis and update classification system.

Action steps:
  • Complete Phase II of salary/compensation plan after conducting a labor market pay analysis.
  • Complete Phase II of the position classification plan and salary schedule to incorporate labor market data in pay ranges and develop pay policies that allow for movement within the pay range.

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