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Voter Registration

You may register to vote in Cumberland County if you are:

  • A citizen of the United States (if convicted of a felony, citizenship rights must have been restored);
  • A person 18 years of age or older;
  • A legal resident of Cumberland County for 30 days by the date of the next election.

Cumberland County has a permanent registration system. You need to register, transfer, or re-register ONLY if you:

  • Have not registered in Cumberland County before;
  • Have moved to and registered to vote in a different county or state;
  • Have moved to a different voting precinct since you registered in Cumberland County. If you move, it is a violation of the law to return to your old precinct and vote after 30 days;
  • Wish to change your party affiliation;
  • Have changed your name.

A voter registration card will be mailed to you once your registration application has been processed. They are mailed monthly. Keep the card as it may be used to change your address by mail should you move within Cumberland County, change your name, or change your party. It can also be used to cancel your Cumberland County registration should you move out of the county.

A registration form must be postmarked 25 days before election or delivered to Board of Elections office no later than 25 days before election in order to be good for that election.

Registration may be placed in an inactive status if a voter card is returned by the Postal Service as undeliverable.

Signature Required When Voting

Beginning Jan. 1, 2004 all voters will be required to sign the precinct list printout before voting.

The state HAVA compliance act amends G.S. 163-166.7 to require, beginning January 1, 2004, that before voting, a voter must sign the poll book (or other voting record or voter authorization document being used at that polling place).

Party Affiliation

When you register, you will need to declare your party affiliation. You may register with any recognized party in the State of North Carolina. Party affiliation determines the primary in which a voter is eligible to vote. You may also register unaffiliated. During a partisan primary election, an unaffiliated voter may vote only in a party primary that authorizes unaffiliated voters. If no party authorizes unaffiliated voters, they may only vote in non-partisan races and bond issues.

Registration Locations

You may obtain registration forms at the following locations in Cumberland County:

  • Board of Elections Office, 227 Fountainhead Lane (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.);
  • At any of Cumberland County's public libraries during regular hours;
  • At various public locations including registration drives;
  • Department of Motor Vehicles; and
  • Various Agencies (Social Services, Agencies dealing with people with Disabilities, Employment Security Commission, Armed Forces Recruitment offices).

In addition, you may change your address by filling out the back of your voter registration card and returning it to the Board of Elections. Card must be postmarked 25 days before election or received in the Board of Elections office by 5 p.m. 25 days before election.

Registration By Mail

When registering by mail, a copy of one of the following forms of identification needs to be sent with the registration form or the individual will be required to present the identification to the precinct election official prior to voting:

  • A current and valid photo identification;
  • A current utility bill, showing name and address;
  • A bank statement, showing name and address;
  • A government check, showing name and address;
  • A paycheck, showing name and address; or
  • Another government document showing name and address.

The state Help America Vote Act (HAVA) compliance act adds new G.S. 163-166-12, applicable only to individuals who have registered to vote by mail on or after Jan. 1, 2003, and who have not previously voted in North Carolina in an election that includes a race for federal office. Such individuals, in order to vote in person after Jan. 1, 2004, must present to the precinct election officials one of the above forms of acceptable identification. This requirement does not apply to an individual who submits one of the acceptable identification documents when registering by mail.

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