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Voting Machines

Cumberland County uses two types of voting machines. The M100 optical scan (paper ballot) tabulator and the iVotronic direct record equipment (touch screen) voting system. Each precinct has one of each type of the voting machines. In the precincts, the M100 is the main method for the voter to vote. For voters that are visually impaired, the iVotronic has an audio ballot to assist them in the voting process. Although the main method of voting in the precinct is the M100, if a voter wishes to vote on the iVotronic, the voter just needs to make that request to a poll worker in his/her precinct.

M100 Optical Scan

M100 Optical Scan M100 Optical Scan (Up Close)

The M100 Optical Scan tabulator uses paper ballots.

iVotronic Direct Record Equipment

iVotronic Direct Record Equipment iVotronic Direct Record Equipment (Up Close)

The iVotronic is a "Direct Record Equipment" touch screen voting system. In addition to a visual ballot, it also has an audio ballot feature to assist those voters that are visually impaired. Although this tabulator is a touch screen it does have a paper audit trail (RTAL) which records all selections made by the voter.

The Real Time Audit Log (RTAL) is located next to the iVotronic screen and is secured in a locked and sealed self-contained unit. Although the audit trail is visible to the voter as the voter makes his/her selections, once the ballot has been cast selections are no longer visible to the next voter. The real time audit log allows for the reconstruction of the election, from beginning to end if it should ever become necessary, and tracks all actions taken at the terminal, including votes cast and poll worker activities.

Videos and Interactive Demonstration

  • Watch a short video on how to vote on the M100 and iVotronic voting machines.

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