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Voting Machines

Cumberland County uses two types of voting machines. The M100 optical scan (paper ballot) tabulator and the AutoMark ballot-marking system (touch screen or braille buttons). Each precinct has one of each type of the voting machines. In the precincts, the M100 is the main method for the voter to vote. For voters that are visually impaired, the AutoMark has an audio ballot to assist them in the voting process. Although the main method of voting in the precinct is the M100, if a voter wishes to vote on the AutoMark, the voter just needs to make that request to a poll worker in his/her precinct.

M100 Optical Scan

m100_3 m100_2

The M100 Optical Scan tabulator uses paper ballots.

AutoMark Ballot-marking Equipment


The AutoMark is a "ballot-marking system" touch screen and/or braille button voting system for voters who are blind, visually impaired, or have a disability or condition that makes it difficult to traditionally mark a paper ballot. This is not a tabulator, it will mark a paper ballot based on the choices the voter makes. The ballot will then be placed in the M100 tabulator by the voter. 

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