Purchasing Methods

(Purchasing and Vendor-Related Information)


Purchases that total $999.99 or less:

Cumberland County department heads may authorize purchases of apparatus, supplies, materials or equipment that total up to $999.99 if sufficient funds are budgeted and available in the department budget. These purchases do not require a purchase order.

Any purchases that total $1,000 or more require a purchase order.

Purchases in amounts at $1,000 but less than $5,000:

Cumberland County departments may solicit proposals for purchases of apparatus, supplies, materials or equipment when the estimated cost is greater than $1,000 but less than $5,000.

Purchases in amounts at $5,000 but less than $90,000:

Purchases of apparatus, supplies, materials or equipment when the estimated total cost is greater than $5,000 but less than $90,000 will be processed by informal bid procedures as described in GS 143-131. Informal bids are made confidential until a contract is awarded. The statute specifies these bids are not subject to public inspection or public record until the contract is awarded.

Local Purchasing Provision:

Contracts for provision of services in any amount and all contracts for the purchase of apparatus, supplies, materials and equipment in which the aggregate purchase price in any single contract is less than $30,000 shall be awarded to local vendors or suppliers, to the greatest extent possible, in accordance with the further conditions set out in the county’s purchasing procedures manual.

Local vendors or suppliers shall be those who demonstrate that they pay business personal or real property taxes and are either self-employed residents of Cumberland County or employ at least one resident of Cumberland County as an employee or officer of the contracting business entity.

Purchases in amounts of $90,000 and over:

When the estimated cost is $90,000 or greater, formal bids will be solicited by the County Purchasing division in accordance with GS 143-129.

Prebid Conference:

The Purchasing division will schedule a prebid conference for purchases that contain complex requirements to facilitate the receipt of acceptable proposals. A representative from the requesting department must attend the conference to answer question related to the specifications.

Vendor Outreach:

Cumberland County strongly encourages minorities, women, veterans, disabled and disadvantaged Americans to pursue business opportunities with Cumberland County. Cumberland County does not operate a minority certification program but does identify the vendors in the database as minority vendors based on the information supplied by the vendor.

Tax Information:

Cumberland County does pay sales tax. The tax amount is not on the purchase order but the vendor should show the tax amount as a separate line on the invoice.

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