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County Committee Presents 911 Consolidation Proposal

Oct 27, 2017

FAYETTEVILLE – During a joint meeting with City of Fayetteville representatives, Cumberland County’s 911 Committee presented a proposal for the City to be the lead entity for a proposed consolidated 911 center.

Board of Commissioners Glenn Adams told the group that for the greater good of the community, and to ensure a grant application is submitted to the N.C. 911 Board by the Dec. 15 deadline, the County will agree for the City to be the lead entity and grant sponsor for a consolidated center.

The proposal outlined several provisions the County wants in the interlocal agreement, including that funding percentages for the center be based on the share of population between the city and county and that the City and County Managers supervise the center’s director, with input from a 911 Council.

In August, the N.C. 911 Board did not approve a grant application for a joint center because an interlocal agreement outlining which local government would be the lead entity was not included.

“We are either going to do this or not do this,” Adams said. “I believe it is in the best interest, and to the greater good of this community, to have a consolidated 911 center. We do a disservice to the citizens of our community if we don’t move this thing forward.”

Adams said he and the other commissioners still believe the County is the proper agency to run a consolidated 911 center.

“That’s my belief. However, actions, and not words, make things happen and because this has taken way too long, way too much energy and way too much push back, the County Commissioners have decided to allow the city to be the lead sponsor,” Adams said.

The proposal set a Nov. 2 deadline for the City to respond and a Nov. 28 deadline for the City to approve an agreement and grant application.