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Commissioners Adopt Cumberland Road Business Street Plan

Aug 21, 2018

The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the Cumberland Road Business Street Plan at their regular meeting Aug. 20. The plan as adopted recommends future development of Cumberland Road between Owen Drive and Hope Mills Road should be more commercial than residential.


At their regular meeting Dec. 18, 2017, the Board of Commissioners directed the County Planning and Inspections staff to perform a land use study of Cumberland Road. Planning completed the study by researching the area and compiling data characteristics including curb cuts, current land use and zoning and the proximity and availability of utilities.


The Cumberland Road Business Street Plan recommends encouraging conditional rezonings in order to ensure available utilities can support future development and improving the overall appearance of the area by stricter enforcement of minimum housing and zoning violations. The study found an equal mix of commercial, office and residential lots. However, 11 of the last 12 rezoning requests have been a request from residential to commercial. The study also discovered 33 opportunities for land owners to combine lots to accommodate commercial development. At least 20 percent of the properties have potential land use violations.


Recommendations in the plan include:

  • Strongly encourage redevelopment with the use of conditional rezonings
  • Prohibit applicants from rezoning to heavy commercial where sewer is unavailable
  • Work with Environmental Health in determining septic and land use compatibility through conditional rezonings
  • Require mandatory sewer connection for rezoning requests located from Hope Mills Road east to Zareeba Drive and from the railroad east to Owen Drive per Section 2306(A) of the Cumberland County Subdivision Ordinance
  • Encourage recombination of adjoining parcels under same ownership as condition of rezoning request approval
  • Work with N.C. Department of Transportation to limit curb cuts, recommend joint drives and use of lateral access
  • Continue not processing requests where active land use violations exist
  • Review area for minimum housing and zoning violations


The Cumberland Road Business Street Plan supplements the Southwest Cumberland Land Use Plan, which was adopted in 2013. The Southwest Cumberland Land Use Plan covers approximately 39 square miles from the Robeson County line to the Fayetteville City limits and from the Hoke County line to areas along U.S. Highway 301, Interstate 95 and Rockfish Creek.


Go to and click on the “Comprehensive Planning” tab to view the Cumberland Road Business Street Plan and many other land use plans in the county. The Planning and Inspections Department is located in the Historic Courthouse, 130 Gillespie St., Fayetteville. For more information, contact Planning Manager Rufus Smith III at 910-678-7629 or