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  • Welcome to the Cumberland County Website

Cumberland County Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Cumberland County Emergency Planning Committee’s primary task is to serve as a liaison between industry and the community by working with facilities to develop their facility emergency response plans.

Web Page Links, Downloads, and Resources:

Statutory Authorization: Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act

Member Specifications:

13 Members (Minimum) with Specific Categories:

  • Print and Broadcast Media
  • Operators of Facilities
  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Management
  • Community Group
  • Transportation
  • Health
  • Hospital
  • Fire Fighter
  • First Aid
  • At-large
  • Local Environmental Representative
  • Utilities

Term: 3 Years

Compensation: None


  • Provide a basis for the community to develop and tailor a chemical emergency planning and response program to suit its needs;
  • Provide the public with identity, quantity, location, and properties of hazardous substances in the community;
  • Review the county and facility plans annually and conduct emergency drills to test the plan. The annual review of the plan should include a hazards analysis and an evaluation of available resources that could be used during a response for a chemical incident.

Meetings: On the last Thursday of the first month of each quarter at 10:00 AM. Members are also required to attend and work with the subcommittee they are assigned to. The meetings generally last approximately one hour. The time required for the subcommittee would vary depending on the nature of the subcommittee (i.e., Membership, Resources, Exercise, Planning, etc.)

Meeting Location: Public Works Commission 955 Old Wilmington Road Fayetteville, NC

Members: Contact Info:
Kevin Arata
Sally Shutt
Gary Tew
Mark Ingram
Mark Faircloth
Matthew Dempster
Lt. Freddie Johnson Jr.
Capt. J.T. Morgan
Capt. Kenneth Eaker
Gene Booth
Stephen Rogers
Greg Phillips
Marsha Lunt
Ronnie Willet
James Bullard Jr.
Phillip McCorquodale
Marsha Fogle
Ray Jackson
Steve Rogers
Ex-Officio Members:
Randy Beeman, Cumberland County Emergency Services
Ben Major, Chief Fayetteville Fire Department
Amy Cannon, County Manager
Commissioner Larry Lancaster
Cumberland County
Emergency Services/Emergency Management
Phone: (910) 678-7641
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