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Environmental Health

(Contact: 433-3622)

Environmental Health is the science of the well being of man as related to his environment, including both the effects of man on his surroundings and the effects of his surroundings on him.

Environmental Health duties are performed by Environmental Health Specialists/Sanitarians. These EHS/Sanitarians are professional, non-medical practitioners of sanitation, qualified by education and experience. In accordance with Chapter 90A of the General Statutes of North Carolina, Environmental Health Specialists/Sanitarians must have a bachelor's degree and at least 30 hours in physical or biological science, at the time of their employment. Environmental Health Specialists will start as an intern and must within three (3) years of employment, successfully pass the Board examination for registration as a sanitarian.

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The Environmental Health Division has the following personnel:

  • 2 - Environmental Health Program Specialists
  • 10 - Environmental Health Specialists
  • 2 - Environmental Health Supervisors
  • 2 - Management Support
  • 1 - Soil Scientist

That work in one of the following sections:

  1. Food and Lodging – located in the Public Health Center at 1235 Ramsey Street
    • Food and Lodging Establishments
    • Child Care Operations
    • Institutions
    • Residential Care Facilities

  2. Wells and Wastewater – located in the Historic Courthouse Basement
    • Onsite Wastewater Systems and Private Wells
    • Public Swimming Pools
    • Tattoo Artists
    • Solid Waste Haulers
    • Mosquito Management
    • Rabies
    • Rodent Consultation
    • and Public Health Nuisances

Please visit our Food Establishments page for rules governing food establishments and information on festival or temporary food establishments.

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