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Detention Center Medical Office

Practice Profile

Location: 204 Gillespie Street - Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301
Contact Information: Kimberly McLamb
(910) 672-5724 Work

Medical Personnel located at the Detention Center Medical Office

Title Common Functions
Nurse Administrator Plan, organize, direct, control and coordinate medicine and health services
MD Provide comprehensive health for acute and chronic illnesses; on call 24/7
Dentist Provide urgent and emergent care to relieve pain and infection
RN, BSN Conduct initial assessment, determine and implement patient care
LPN Work rotational 12-hour shifts
Med Techs, CNA II Administer and manage medication inventory / assist with patient care
Processing Assistant Manage and inventory medical information management; other duties include administrative tasks assigned by the health administrator
Psychiatrist Provide therapeutic mental health services
Mental Health Therapist Assist psychiatrist with mental health services
MPH, BSN Coordinate care, HIPPA consultant, CQI specialist, infection control
Certified correctional health care professional Maintain standards as established by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, ensure that compliance indicators are met to maintain Certification

Clinics available at the Cumberland County Detention Center Medical Office

Primary Adult Health Physician
Nurse only Clinic Registered Nurses / LPNS
Dental Clinic Dentist / 2 operatory chairs
X-Ray Fully functional
Health Education classes provided by CCHD staff
Immunization Clinic TB, Influenza, Pneumonia, Tetanus Toxoid
Pre-Natal Care CCHD, Cape Fear Valley OB/GYN

Agencies that interact with the Detention Center Medical Office that provide care for patients are:

Cumberland County Mental Health Dr. Tolbert, Oral Surgeon
Cape Fear OB/GYN Mobile X-Ray Unit
Cape Fear Valley Medical Center Spectacles, Optometrist
Cape Fear Orthopedic Legal Officials

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