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Employee Health Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it mandatory that I participate?

Answer: No. The Express Care Clinic, Wellness Program and Pharmacy are benefits to employees designed to assist with their health care needs and reduce their out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Question: I fear medical information gathered at the clinic could be passed along to my superiors and used in some way against me. What assurances do you have that this will not happen?

Answer: All medical records and information fall under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and are confidential.

Question: Can you just use the pharmacy and not the clinic?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Will there be paperwork such as a “return to work” form showing in and out times at the clinic to be used when the employee returns to the workplace?

Answer: There will be documentation noting time of arrival to and departure from the clinic.

Question: What are the details about not having to use sick time?

Answer: Employees do not use sick leave to visit the Express Care Clinic. If they are sent home by the practitioner because of illness, sick leave starts after departure from the clinic. If a pharmacy visit immediately follows and is part of the Express Care Clinic visit, the pharmacy time will be included on the documentation. If the pharmacy visit is a separate drop off or pick up visit, employees are on their own time.

Question: Will there be a set time you have to remain home on sick leave if they send you home from the clinic?

Answer: Convalescent time or sick time will depend on the type of illness and treatment required, and will be recommended by the nurse practitioner.

Question: Why do employees not need to use their sick leave to go to an appointment at the Employee Express Care Clinic but they have to use their sick leave to go to a doctor’s appointment?

Answer: The benefit of not using sick leave to be seen at the Employee Express Care Clinic is an incentive to use the in-house clinic and to save both the county and the employee money.

Question: Will it be by appointment or walk-in?

Answer: Provisions for both scheduled and same-day care will be provided. Employees will need to call the clinic at 910-433-3876 for an appointment time. The intent is to accommodate employees who are sick and on duty.

Question: What exactly can you go to the clinic for?

Answer: The clinic will evaluate, diagnose and treat common minor illnesses; provide health screenings; and evaluate, diagnose and monitor common chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Chronic diseases will be referred to primary care for treatment.

Question: Will they be able to prescribe any medication if needed and if so what type?

Answer: Prescription medications, when clinically indicated, will be in support of the defined medical practice guidelines for the treatment of common acute minor illnesses. These medications will generally include antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, antihistamines, antitussives, expectorants, mucolytics, common eye, ear, nose and throat preparations, inhaled medications, common non- narcotic pain medications, topical medications, immunizations (Td, Tdap, Pneumovax, influenza).

Question: Do we just drop off and then pick-up a prescription we get from our doctor or is the pharmacy only for Express Care Clinic prescriptions? Will an employee also not need to use sick leave for this?

Answer: No, any prescription can be dropped off. Employees will be on their own time for drop off and pick up of prescriptions just as if they were going to any other commercial pharmacy.

Question: How will the pharmacy know which types of medications to carry?

Answer: The pharmacy has been provided a list of the top 100 medications prescribed in the county. If a medication is not on hand, the pharmacy will order it, which may take up to 72 hours.

Question: Will we have a new pricing tier for non-generic medications?

Answer: Yes. For example, if you use the county pharmacy, a $60 co-pay will be reduced to a $40 co-pay and a $45 co-pay will be reduced to $25.

Question: Who can participate in the Express Care clinic?

Answer: All employees regardless of insurance coverage may use the Express Care Clinic. Dependents 12 years and older and retirees on the county’s health insurance plan may be seen as well.

Question: Who can use the pharmacy services?

Answer: Employees on the county’s health insurance plan, as well as retirees and dependents covered under the plan may use the pharmacy and not have a co-payment for generic prescriptions. Employees who do not have insurance and their dependents may use the pharmacy, but must pay the cost of the medication. The pharmacy will not file claims for any other insurance.

Question: Are employees at Cooperative Extension included?

Answer: Cooperative Extension employees may use the clinic, but not the pharmacy because they are on the state plan. The pharmacy will not file claims with other insurance companies, so Extension employees would have to pay the cost of medication.

Question: Can you bring prescriptions from your regular doctor to the employee pharmacy?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Are generic medications free?

Answer: Yes, if you are on the county’s insurance plan.

Question: Will the pharmacy provide a 30-day or 90-day supply of medication?

Answer: Yes.

Question: It’s my day off and I feel sick. Can I go straight to the Express Care Clinic from home or do I have to go to work first?

Answer: On your day off you can go to the Express Care Clinic without going in to work first.

Question: Do I have to get a signed form from my supervisor if I want to be seen on my day off?

Answer: No.

Question: I’m insured by my husband’s federal BCBS. Can I still use the pharmacy in the Wellness Clinic?

Answer: The pharmacy will not file claims with other insurance companies. However, if you want to pay the cost of the medication, you can use the pharmacy.

Question: If my direct supervisor is not at work, do I have to physically go to see the upper level supervisor at a different location before I am allowed to go to the Express Care Clinic?

Answer: This will depend on your department’s policy.

Question: Would my primary care physician be able to fax or call in prescriptions to the employee pharmacy?

Answer: Yes. Physicians may fax, call in and use e-prescribing.

Question: Can mail-order prescriptions be transferred to the Wellness Clinic pharmacy?

Answer: Yes.

Question: I don’t have insurance. Can I get my medication at the Employee Pharmacy and pay for it myself?

Answer: Yes, you would pay for the cost of the medication.

Question: Will the pharmacy carry non-essential prescription drugs and supplies (colonoscopy bags, diabetes testing supplies, aesthetic aids, scar concealment etc.)?

Answer: The pharmacy is supposed to be run as any normal retail pharmacy, meaning: we will carry non-essential prescription drugs, diabetic testing supplies, over-the-counter pain management, allergy relief, and cough and cold medications. The intention is to avoid carrying items found at a medical supply store like colonoscopy bags.

Question: Will there be workout equipment?

Answer: No workout equipment is planned for the facility at this time.

Question: Do I need to bring in my BCBS insurance card?

Answer: Yes. Employees should always have their BCBS insurance card with them for every visit to the clinic and pharmacy.

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