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Tax Foreclosure Sales

Note: All Tax Foreclosure Sales are scheduled by individual firms. Please contact the individual firms (shown below) for more information concerning the sale.

Charleston Group: 910-485-2500
David B. Craig: 910-223-3768 (For more information, Click Here for their Website)

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Current Listings:

 Owners NameLocationBill NumberParcel NumberSale Date

Group By Sale Date: 8/7/2014 12:00:00 PM (9)

  Elliot, Frances H 6335 Applecross Ave19839240406-19-03908/7/2014
  Elliot, Frances H 6438 Applecross Ave19881010406-18-50378/7/2014
  Elliot, Frances H 2227 Elliot Farm Rd25298730533-58-82028/7/2014
  Elliot, Frances H 6444 Starbrook Dr19915790406-08-98408/7/2014
  Elliot, Frances H 1135 Southwood Dr19916170406-18-47578/7/2014
  Elliot, Frances H Vac Lot Elliot Farm Rd67204010533-96-42988/7/2014
  Elliot, Frances H 1470 Elliot Bridge Rd25298490533-78-38998/7/2014
  Elliot, Frances H Trustee 6529 Raeford Rd19838860406-19-25088/7/2014
  Hunt, Melanie Michelle 1416 Faircloth St68442330446-49-64028/7/2014

* A property item marked through indicates that it is no longer for sale.


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