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Director: Nancy Roy, AICP

Welcome to the Cumberland County Planning and Inspection Department's web page. We have made every effort to provide you with information that will help guide you in determining how to seek out assistance in matters that affect your property as well as the services our agency provides.

Cumberland County and the eight municipalities have made great strides in their land use planning. Numerous plans, policies and ordinances have been developed through cooperative efforts that serve this entire community and all of our citizens.

The Inspection Department is now combined with Planning in an effort to be more responsive to the needs of our citizens and to promote a more efficient program for permitting and code enforcement. We are continuing to seek more productive ways to meet the needs of our citizens through cross-training and "one-stop" permitting.

Planning is a living, changing and continuous process which requires that we recognize the connections between development and quality of life. Our staff consists of professional planners who are well qualified and have received national recognition for their contributions in their respective fields. We are all committed to the process of working together to ensure that the best living environment can be provided for all.

If I, or any member of my staff, can assist you in your development plans, please feel free to contact us.

Excerpts from 2010 Land Use Plan


Administration :: Central Permitting :: Code Enforcement :: Comprehensive Planning :: GIS :: Graphic Services :: Inspections :: Land Use Codes :: Transportation Planning :: Street Addressing (E-911) and Naming


  • Prepares budget, quarterly and monthly reports, minutes, agendas, and notifies the public of all zoning matters for Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, County Commissioners, and participating municipality meetings.

  • Manages administrative issues, personnel management, recordkeeping, purchasing, and other administrative and clerical responsibilities.

  • Provides administrative support for the Governmental Association.
Staff Phone # E-mail
Vacant, Director 678-7606
Tom Lloyd, Interim Director 678-7618
Annette Nunnery 678-7617
B.J. Cashwell 678-7610

Central Permitting

  • Provide central location to submit applications and plans for construction permits, related environmental health permits and fire permits.

  • Maintain and provide information regarding inspections, permits, procedures and processes

Staff Phone # E-mail
Deborah Simpson, Central Permitting Administrator 321-6644
Delores Cogdell, Senior Permitting Tech. 321-6645
Terri Ortiz, Permitting Tech. 321-6664

Code Enforcement

  • Enforce and investigate zoning, minimum housing and junked vehicle complaints.

  • Issue Zoning Permits and ensure compliance with zoning regulations.

Staff Phone # E-mail
Ken Sykes, Code Enforcement Coordinator 321-6654
Charisse Brown, Administrative Support I 321-6643
Ronnie Mosely, Code Enforcement Officer III 321-6670
Angela Perrier, Code Enforcement Officer II 321-6650
George Hatcher, Code Enforcement Officer II 321-6647
Kim Reeves, Code Enforcement Officer II 321-6655

Comprehensive Planning

  • Prepares and maintains the long-range Comprehensive Plan.

  • Performs technical research for area studies and other planning studies for the County and its participating municipalities.

Staff Phone # E-mail
Will Denning, Planner III 678-7612
Hope Barnhart, Planner II 678-7607
Denise Sykes, Planner I (GIS) 678-7629
Monita McLaurin, Planner I 678-7611


  • Conducts technical planning research and produces special studies for the Planning Board

  • Provides census information to the general public as requested.

  • Provides technical planning assistance to the municipalities.
Staff Phone # E-mail
Matt Rooney, GIS Manager 678-7625
Autrice Taylor, GIS Analyst 678-7552
Lee Eanes, GIS Coordinator 678-7550

Graphic Services

  • Produces and maintains all zoning maps for the County.

  • Provides the graphic media for the Planning Board and other governing body meetings, as well as field research and notification to the public of all public hearings.
Staff Phone # E-mail
Donna McFayden, Plat Review Officer 678-7621
Annie Faircloth, GIS Tech II 323-6102
Shane Parsons, GIS Tech I 678-7765


  • Review applications and construction plans for new constructions, renovations or additions.

  • Performs inspections to ensure work is performed in accordance with the NC State Building Codes and other state and local regulations.
Staff Phone # E-mail
Gary Faulkner, Inspections Coordinator 321-6648  
Staff Phone # E-mail
Kenneth Hairr, Chief Building Inspector 321-6653  
Doug Austin, Building Inspector III 321-6661  
Dennis Jernigan, Building Inspector II 321-6646  
Staff Phone # E-mail
Larry Renfrow, Chief Electrical Inspector 321-6656  
Ronnie Matthews, Electrical III/Plumbing 321-6660  
Michael Naylor, Electrical/Mechanical I 321-6657  
Alan Johnson, Mechanical III/Plumbing 321-6638  
Staff Phone # E-mail
Carl Bunnell, Chief Plumbing Inspector 321-6642  
Manufactured Homes
Staff Phone # E-mail
Todd Mobley, Bldg./Elect./Mech./Plumb. 321-6639  
Plan Review
Staff Phone # E-mail
Barry Alston, Building/Plumbing II 321-6651  

Land Use Codes

  • Administers the County's Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances by processing applications for rezoning and subdivisions to assure compliance.

  • Provides technical planning support for the Board of Adjustments.
Staff Phone # E-mail
Patti Speicher, Planner III 678-7605
Ed Byrne, Planner II 678-7609
Mary Ann Steinmetz, Watershed Officer 678-7626
Bonny Collins, Planner I 678-7603

Transportation Planning
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  • Provides professional transportation planning support to the Fayetteville Urbanized Area and Cumberland County in meeting Federal, State, and Local Requirements for continuous, cooperative, and comprehensive transportation planning.
Staff Phone # E-mail

Rick Heicksen, Planner III


Maurizia Chapman, Planner II


Bobby McCormick, Planner I


Joel Strickland, Planner I


Janique Evans, Planner I


Deloma West, Planning Assistant


Kristine Wagner, Trans. Coord.



Street Addressing
(E-911) and Naming

  • Administers County addressing database.

    Assigns names to new streets and converts existing rural route and box numbers to street addresses.

  • Erects and maintains all street name signs outside of the City of Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, and Pope AFB.
Staff Phone # E-mail
Mike Osbourn, E911 Planning Coord. 678-7608
Ron Gonzalez, Addressing Tech. 678-7616  
Will Phipps, Planner II 678-7666  
Diane Shelton, St/Naming Coord. 678-7665  
E911 Sign Shop
Dwayne Bigler, Supervisor 678-7722
Steven Adams 678-7722

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