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Ann Street Landfill

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

8 a.m. to 12 p.m.


698 Ann Street, Fayetteville, NC
Phone: 910-321-6920


When utilizing the landfill, customers should understand that this is a landfill and you may get nails in tires; if you are following behind a large garbage truck, you may receive glass damage; your vehicle may get wire wrapped around the axle; anything can happen. We (the County) cannot be held responsible for any type of damage stated above.

Terms of Payment

Cash or check. We do not accept credit/debit cards. Charge accounts may be established through the Administration Office, Call 910-321-6928 for details.

Gate Policy

  • No entrance weekdays before 6:30 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m. and on Saturdays before 8 a.m. or after 12 p.m. (noon).
  • The official clock is located in the scale house.
  • If the right half of the gate is closed, there is no admittance. Any vehicle that opens or drives around the gate will not be allowed to unload.

Tipping Fees

Pick-up trucks, cars, SUVs, and vans not pulling a trailer are charged a Flat Rate Fee of $20 for chargeable debris.

  • Household garbage is no charge (up to 4 cubic yards per week) unless mixed with chargeable items, then the load is charged the flat rate fee.
  • Vehicles paying the flat rate fee remain on concrete the whole time at the landfill and do not have to wait in line for weighing/reweighing, thereby cutting down on time at the landfill and on damage to vehicles.

Apartments/Condos/Townhomes that do not pay the SW User Fee annually are considered commercial and therefore pay for all debris brought to the landfill whether at the flat rate fee or by the ton.

Vehicles with trailers, account holders, dump trucks, roll-off trucks, garbage trucks, etc.:

  • C&D area – $1.80 per 100 lbs or $36 per ton
  • Inert Debris, Dirty – $1.15 per 100 lbs or $23 per ton
  • Inert Debris, Painted – $.50 per 100 lbs or $10 per ton
  • Mixed Load (C&D material mixed w/garbage) – $2 per 100 lbs or $40 per ton
  • Shingles, mixed w other roofing materials – $1.25 per 100 lbs or $25 per ton
  • Shingles, Clean, no other debris mixed in load – $.75 per 100 lbs or $15 per ton
  • Shredding – $.20 per lb
  • Subtitle-D area – $1.50 per 100 lbs or $30 per ton

Weather Policy

Occasionally the landfill may close due to a weather advisory. This may be a temporary closing due to wind, lightning, fog, etc., or in severe weather we may close for the day. The County’s website will post any closings.

Towing Policy

Solid Waste Management will take steps to provide reasonably passable roads at the landfill site. However, CCSWM is not responsible to prevent or otherwise correct conditions that cause vehicles to become stuck or disabled. Owners of vehicles that require towing must secure their own towing services.

Covered Loads

All loads of debris must be covered with a secured tarp, cargo net, tie downs, or placed in a closed container so that no material can fall or blow out. Any vehicle without a covered load will not be turned away, but will be subject to the following fees in addition to current fees for landfill use:

  • Cars, pick-ups or trailers: $10 per load
  • Commercial and all other vehicles: $25 per load

The Ann Street Landfill has different areas for segregated solid waste disposal: Subtitle D Landfill, C&D Landfill, Area 1, and Sharps. To see what waste is accepted in each area of the landfill, click on the link for more information.

Area of Landfill Accepts
Subtitle D Landfill:
($1.50 per 100 lbs or $30 per ton)
  • Asbestos 1
  • Rubber (not whole tires)
  • Carpet & Padding
  • Commercial & Industrial Waste
  • Dead Animals 2
  • Insulation (loose / rolls)
  • Mattress / Box Springs / Furniture
  • Mixed Loads (C&D material mixed with garbage - $2 per 100 lbs or $40 per ton)
  • Styrofoam products
  • Paper
  • Household Garbage (Homeowners 4 cubic yards per week - no charge)
  • Plastic Buckets (lids off)

Burnt debris must be accompanied by a fire report and has to have been out for at least 14 days prior to bringing for disposal.


C & D Landfill:
($1.80 per 100 lbs or $36 per ton)
  • Ceiling / Ceramic Tile
  • Fiberglass Bathtubs, Sinks
  • Granite / Formica Counter Tops
  • Glass (window, door panes, etc.)
  • Vinyl/Masonite Siding
  • Plastic Pipe (PVC)
  • Sheetrock / Paneling / Plywood
  • Treated Wood (painted, stained, or treated)
  • Vinyl Flooring / Tile
  • Wooden Spools / Large Tree Stumps
  • Metal 4
  • Shingles - Flat Roofing 3
  • Inert Debris - Dirty (debris with rebar)
    (Charge of $1.15 per 100 lbs or $23 per ton)


Area 1:
  • Inert Debris – Clean No Rebar (brick, cement blocks, dirt, rocks - no charge)
  • Inert Debris – Painted No Rebar (charge of $0.50 per 100 lbs or $10 per ton)

Concrete, blocks and brick are crushed and made into recycled rocks for use as road base on the landfill and it is also sold to citizens on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. for $.70 per 100 lbs or $14 per ton


  • Never place sharps in the garbage.
  • Sharps are accepted as long as they are in a hard plastic container at the Ann Street Maintenance Shop. When you get to the Shop, ask a mechanic where the sharps drum is located.


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