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The most rewarding task Cumberland County Animal Control personnel do is return a lost pet to its owner. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the animals impounded do not have an ID tag. Pet owners may feel that their pets do not need an ID because they will never get out of their yard, but unexpected things happen. A door or gate is left open and then the pet is gone! Making sure a pet has an ID tag of some type, with the owners name, current address and phone number on it, is a small cost to pay for the knowledge that if the pet becomes lost, there is a way the owner can be notified.

Cumberland County Animal Control is asking pet owners to put a personal ID tag, rabies tag (required by law for all pets) or microchip on their pet to better help shelter personnel identify and return their lost pet. If the pet has an ID tag, or microchip, with the proper address and name on it, Cumberland County Animal Control Officers will most likely take the pet home instead of to the shelter.

Your help is needed in spreading the word. More animals with tags means that more animals will make it home again. It also means that with fewer lost animals taking up shelter space, truly homeless animals will have a better chance of being adopted.

Give your pets (dogs and cats alike) an ID tag or microchip -- A Gift Of Love! 

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