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Child Support and Attorneys

Attorneys are an integral part of the child support process. They serve as advisors, advocates, negotiators and intermediaries and are often referred to as either “IV-D attorneys” or “Child Support attorneys”. Although the interests of the custodial parent are often similar to those of the Child Support Department, the child support attorney’s client is the agency. Child Support staff are not allowed to practice law this includes any advice that can be considered legal in nature or completing legal forms.

Both the custodial and the non-custodial parents have the right to seek private counsel to assist with any legal matters associated with their child support case. Child Support does not have the authority to establish custody, however, there are resources for non-custodial parents who do not have access to their children through a court order.

To find out more about the Cumberland County Family Court Access and Visitation Program please contact the program’s coordinator, Ms. Pamela Brown.

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