Crown Complex

Closed to the public due to COVID-19

Crown Complex is postponing or cancelling all events and gatherings within the restricted window until further notice. We are currently working diligently to reschedule upcoming performances and will provide updates on each individual event as quickly as possible.
Call: (910) 438 - 4100

The Cumberland County Crown Complex provides a landmark quality entertainment venue for the County's residents. It not only hosts high-profile and other entertainment events, but also creates economic benefits for the County by increasing the flow of out-of-town visitors.

The Crown Coliseum, the newest addition to the Crown Complex, attracts hundreds of thousands each year to its 10,880-seat facility for concerts, plays and other events. The coliseum is also home to the SHPL hockey team, The Fayetteville Marksmen, and the Arena Indoor Football (AIF) team, the Cape Fear Heroes.

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