Customer Service Division

This division is the primary contact for all matters related to property taxes, including assistance in listing all taxable property, applying for tax relief programs, assisting Active Duty Non-Residents and their spouses for personal property exemptions, obtaining appeal procedures and change of address forms.

Collections Division

Responsible for the timely collection and disposition of tax revenues, making payment arrangements, and enforced collections of delinquent taxes in accordance with the provisions of the law as well as collecting all Gross Tax Receipt payments and issuing mobile home moving permits.

Mapping Division

Responsible for uniformly mapping all real property located in the County as prescribed by law and uses public documents to create and maintain the official index of property in the County. Citizens can purchase maps and conduct research on our public computers.

Real Estate Division

Responsible for developing the Uniform Schedule of Values used to appraise and assess all real property located within the County.  Responsible for identifying, measuring, reporting, and appraising all real property in accordance with the provisions of the law to achieve accurate, equitable and fair assessments.

Assessment/Audit Division

Responsible for identifying, reporting and assigning value to all taxable personal, business personal and farm-agri business property as well as conducting audits to ensure equity and fairness of taxation by verifying taxpayers are in compliance with all North Carolina Statutory requirements. This department also administers the Homestead/Disabled and Veterans Exclusion Tax Relief Programs.

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Tax Administrator: Joe Utley
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