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Interested In Becoming A Poll Worker?

Fill out the Poll Worker Interest Form and mail it to the Cumberland County Board of Elections.

Interested In Becoming A Student Election Assistant?

You must be 17 years of age at the time of the primary or election you are applying for. You must also be a United States Citizen, a resident of Cumberland County and enrolled in a secondary education institution (including home school) with an exemplary academic record. If interested, fill out the Student Election Assistant Application and mail it to the Cumberland County Board of Elections at least 30 days before the election you wish to work.

Multipartisan Assistance Team

In North Carolina, any registered voter can vote by mail-in absentee ballot. Although it is not necessary to have a reason to vote by this method, some voters find it necessary to vote by mail-in absentee ballot because they are elderly, limited in their mobility, or have a disability. This group of voters includes persons living at facilities such as nursing homes. Oftentimes, these voters require assistance in completing the forms or marking the ballot (also, casting a mail-in absentee ballot requires witness signatures from either two witnesses or a Notary Public). The first preference, according to the law, is for the voter to receive assistance from a near relative or guardian. But some voters, particularly voters who live in facilities, may not have a near relative or guardian available to provide that assistance. It is important to know that employees of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or rest homes are prohibited by law from providing assistance with absentee voting. So, voters who live in facilities such as nursing homes or rest homes face special challenges in casting a mail-in absentee ballot. But here’s the good news: In every county, an impartial team called a “Multipartisan Assistance Team” is available to visit facilities such as nursing homes in order to provide assistance with mail-in absentee voting.

If interested in having the Multi-partisan Assistance Team visit your facility or you need additional information click on Multipartisan Assistance

Conduct a Voter Registration Drive

Any person, group, organization, committee, campaign, political party, employer, or any other entity may conduct a voter registration drive. There is no special license or training necessary, nor is there any requirement to register as a political action committee in order to conduct a voter registration drive. The decision to conduct a voter registration drive is an important one. Voter registration is fundamental to elections. Assisting qualified citizens in becoming registered voters and involving them in the democratic process is a worthy cause and carries with it certain responsibilities. Voter registration drive organizers and participants must adhere to certain guidelines follow this link Voter Drives to learn more.

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