Motor Vehicles

Q: What is a registered motor vehicle?

A: A registered motor vehicle is any motor vehicle that maintains an active North Carolina tag and registration. The term “motor vehicle” includes automobiles, trucks, buses, campers, RV’s, trailers, and motorcycles.

Q: How is the value of a vehicle determined?

A: An assessor must appraise a motor vehicle at its true value in money. The sales price of a vehicle purchased from a dealer, including all accessories attached to the vehicle, is considered the true value of the vehicle. It is not the book value, trade-in value or private party seller value.

The Property Tax Division of the NC Department of Revenue annually adopts a schedule of values to be used when vehicles are not purchased from a dealer and for registration renewals. This ensures equitable statewide valuations. The system allows for adjustments for high mileage and below average condition.

Q: May I appeal the value?

A: The owner of a vehicle may appeal the appraised value of the vehicle by filing an appeal with the Tax Office within 30 days of the date the taxes are due. An owner who appeals the appraised value must pay the tax on the vehicle when due, subject to a full or partial refund if the appeal is decided in the owner’s favor.

Q: Is interest charged on late payments?

A: Yes. NC law requires that interest be charged on late vehicle property tax payments and registration renewal fees.

Q: Will I receive a tax refund, or owe additional tax, if I transfer my license plate to another vehicle during the year?

A: No. If you have paid your vehicle property tax for the year and then transfer the license plate to another vehicle, you will not be eligible for a refund of any taxes paid. The registered motor vehicle to which the plate is transferred will not be taxed until the current registration is renewed.

Q: When can I apply for a refund of vehicle property taxes paid?

A: An owner can apply for a refund of taxes paid when a vehicle is sold or registered out of state and the license plate is turned in to a NC License Plate Agency. The owner must present the following to the tax office to request the refund:

1) Proof of plate surrender to NC DMV (DMV Form FS20) and

2) Copy of the bill of sale or the new state’s registration.

Q: My registration renewal notice shows taxes for a city or fire district that I do not live in. What do I do to get this corrected?

A: Please contact the Tax Office at 910-678-7507.

Q: My registration renewal notice shows taxes for a county I do not live in?

A: You must have this corrected at a NC License Plate Agency.

Q: I received a registration renewal notice on a vehicle that I’ve already sold. What do I do?

A: If you no longer own the vehicle and have turned in the license plate, you may ignore the renewal notice. If you have transferred the plate to another vehicle, the NC License Plate Agency can create you a bill for the new vehicle.

Q How can I get a record of the taxes I paid on a registered vehicle?

A: The tax amount you paid is now listed on the registration form you received for your vehicle. If you are unable to locate the registration, you may call 919-814-1779 to get a copy of taxes paid.

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