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Joint Planning Board

The Joint Planning Board has the responsibility for the development of a continuing comprehensive planning program for the entire county and each participating municipality in the county by working from the existing plans of each city and town in the county to improve and develop the same and incorporate such planning into a comprehensive plan extending throughout the county. In developing the continuing comprehensive planning program, the Joint Planning Board will study priorities and requests for special study effort provided by the participating governmental units. The Joint Planning Board also has the function of developing and maintaining subdivision control and zoning programs.

Statutory Authorization: 
NCGS 153A-391
Member Specifications:

10 Members

  • Appointed by the Board of Commissioners (4)
  • Appointed by the towns of Spring Lake, Eastover, Linden, Stedman and Hope Mills (1 each)
  • Appointed to represent the towns of Wade, Falcon and Godwin (1)
4 Year
Compensation:  None
  • Final approval of plat variance waiver requests in the County;
  • Reviews, holds hearings and approves or makes recommendations on area studies, future land use plans, transportation improvement projects, zoning matters, and most land use issues throughout the County.
Third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Meetings vary in length. Members also serve on sub-committees (Administrative, Comprehensive Planning, Codes and Nominating). These sub-committees meet on an as-needed basis. In addition, time is spent outside of the meetings to review various documents and plans on which the Board is required to vote.
Historic Cumberland County Courthouse
Hearing Room #3
130 Gillespie Street
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Gary Burton, Cumberland County
Kasandra Herbert, Cumberland County
Carl Manning, Cumberland County
Diane Wheatley, Cumberland County

Jordan Stewart, Stedman
Susan Moody, Hope Mills
Thomas Lloyd, Linden
Jami McLaughlin, Spring Lake
Mark Williams, Wade, Falcon, Godwin
Stan Crumpler, Eastover


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Historic Courthouse
130 Gillespie Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301

Phone:  910-678-7600
Fax: 910-678-7631

Director: Rawls Howard

Planning Board

Laverne Howard
Cumberland County Planning and Inspections Department