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Health Education

The Health Education Division provides innovative educational programs that promote the physical, emotional, and social well being of individuals and communities. Health Education is responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing programs for clinic patients, community groups, civic organizations, private agencies, worksites, and schools. Other services include developing and marketing health promotion and risk reduction activities; consulting with other health professionals; and collaborating with other agencies to implement policy and environmental changes within the community.

What services does the Health Education Division provide?

Health Education addresses the following program areas:

  • Communicable Disease

    • Evidenced-Based HIV/AIDS Education
      • BART (Be a Responsible Teen)
      • Making Proud Choices
      • Focus On Kids
    • HIV/AIDS Counseling
    • HIV/AIDS Community & Worksite Programs
    • STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) Prevention Education
    • Parents Matter (an evidence-based program designed to help parents talk about strategies that will help them protect their children from the negative outcomes of unhealthy sexual behaviors).
  • Maternal and Child Health

    • Prenatal Education (Clinical/school-based)
    • Parenting Classes (Birth to five years)
    • Prepared Childbirth Education [pdf]
    • Child Health & Safety Education
      • Bike Safety
      • SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) prevention education
      • Hand washing
    • Birth Defects Prevention Education
      • Preconception Health
  • Health Promotion

    • Physical Activity & Nutrition Education
      • Eat Smart Move More (evidence-based)
    • Stress Management
    • Cancer Risk Reduction
    • Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction
    • Tobacco Cessation Education
    • Chronic Disease Prevention
    • Matter of Balance Programs
    • Fall Prevention for Older Adults
    • Thai Chi For Fall Prevention
  • Women's Preventive Health

    • Family Planning Education
      • Abstinence
      • Contraception methods
      • Anatomy of reproductive organs
      • Breast health
      • Testicular exam
      • STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections)
    • Growth & Development Classes (Train-the-Trainer)
    • Teen Sexuality Programs
    • Peer Pressure
    • Dating / Relationship Programs
    • Personal Hygiene Programs
  • General Education

    • Public Health Issues
    • Health Department Services
    • Media Facilitation

Community Health Education Requests

The Health Education staff is available to speak at youth organizations, churches, schools, recreation centers, etc. on various health topics and services offered by the Department of Public Health.


Individuals and/or organizations requesting community health education programs are encouraged to:

  • Schedule the program at least thirty (30) days in advance of the planned event.
  • Notify health education staff immediately if the event needs to be cancelled or re-scheduled.
  • Ensure that there will be sufficient participation for the program or event.
  • Allow time for the facilitator to evaluate the program.

The Health Education Division will try to honor as many requests as possible. However, the availability of staff may prevent the Health Education Division from fulfilling all requests. In the event that we are not able to fulfill your request, the Health Education staff will recommend other alternatives in order to assist you.

Please fill out and print a Request form.

For additional information, please call 910-433-3893 or 433-3890.


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Health Education

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